Dec 12, 2009


Today I am very proud to comunicate to you, my dear readers, that my new articles on Spray Style Magazine (december 2009 - january 2010) are now published. The first one is "StyleZoom - Scarlett Johansson" and the other is "Spray Job", an interview to a talented fashion photographer from Paris: Flavia Raddavero. Here you can read them, on pages 11 and 16-17. Then, on page 5 you can read a short presentation about me (Erica Ventura).
If you want to read the other fashion job interviews or the celebrity style articles on Spray, here the links:
- Spray, june-july 2009. "StyleZom-Michelle Obama" on page 14 and "Nineteen74" on  pages 46-47;
- Spray, august-sept. 2009. "StyleZoom-Sarah J. Parker" on page 14 and "SprayJob-Fashion Stylist" on pages 10-11;
- Spray, oct.-nov. 2009. "StyleZoom-Kate Moss" on pages 10-12 and "SprayJob-Fashion Editor" on pages 26-27.
Which is your favourite?

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